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What's In My Uni Bag

Yes, I emptied my big-arse bag onto a library table and got lots of weird looks.

It's day one of uni and this is what's in my bag. I'll show you it again at the end of the semester and we'll see how many random pieces of paper I've collected and pens I've amassed. From experience, this is what I need on an average day at uni. That being said, there are a few things I'd still add depending on the day.


Yes, this is a pretty obvious one. Can't do much work without this. I wanted to mention, though, that I have both a hard case on my laptop and a soft case I carry it around in. I've seen way too many people drop their laptops off lecture tables. Make sure it's protected.

Laptop Charger:

You know how I said you can't do much at uni without your laptop? Yeah, sitting in a tute with a dead laptop because you forgot your charger is not only annoying but boring. I have two chargers and keep one in my bag at all times.

Phone Charger:

Less important for studying, more important for entertainment. The bus ride home sucks without music, and reading will just give you a headache. Plus you just took in a lot of information, sometimes a book is took much after a day of uni.


Two pairs, because Apple made new earphones that aren't compatible with their computers. Thanks, Apple. I just bought some five dollar ones from the uni general store to use for my laptop.


I'm a lists person. I love crossing things off a list. Even though I make all my notes on my laptop, I'd recommend carrying around a small notebook. You never know when a tutor will want you to write something down on paper. Plus, if you're a visual learner (like me) having paper to draw diagrams and whatnot on is a good idea.


Need these to give to cute boys so I can recreate the scene from Something Borrowed. Kidding, they were terrible people. But I would seriously recommend keeping a handful of pens in your bag. One is not enough.


It's true, all university classrooms are freezing. I'm not sure if this is because cold stimulates the mind, or because no one can concentrate in the Australian heat. Either way, definitely bring something warm to throw on.

Water Bottle:

The amount of water bottles I have lost in tutorial rooms is ridiculous. I actually left this one in a classroom, but then came back the next week and it was still there (I definitely gave it a thorough cleaning to be safe). Most universities have taps (I was going to write bubblers and realised some people won't know what I'm talking about) around campus so you can fill up your water bottle. Stay hydrated, look after the environment. Don't be that person with twelve empty water bottles rolling around in your car (@ my sister).


That little pink thing in the bottom left corner? A hairbrush. The smirk on my mum's face when I whipped a brush out of my bag in the car and brushed my hair was one of pure triumph. I was a notoriously messy-haired child. Literally ask some of my old teachers. I went back to my primary school to give a presentation when I was in year eight and my old teacher burst into laughter when I told the younger kids that you had to have neat hair in high school. This is something I carry in my bag on an everyday basis, but it's also helpful for putting your hair up in class or when running between buildings in the delightful Australian heat.

Hair Tie:

I don't know about you, but I can't concentrate with my hair down and all in my face and on my neck. I forgot to show the single hair tie I brought to uni today in this picture, but that's because it was already holding my hair up. I can guarantee I'll have about twelve hair ties and scrunchies rolling around in my bag by the end of the semester.

Blotting Paper:

Okay, this probably isn't necessary. But it's good to have on hand. It's day one so I've got makeup on, but later in the semester I'll probably rock up in workout clothes and just splash my face with water when I'm gross and oily/sweaty.

Hand Balm:

I'm going to need a new one of these soon; the go-to hand balm is by far my favourite and I love putting it on.

Lip Balm:

Yes, I have five lip balms in my bag and it's only day one. Just wait until later in the semester when I have lots of junk in there and can't find one so I buy another quickly at the corner store. But hey, I need one with SPF and one with tint and SPF and one with tint without SPF and then one for when it's windy etc etc etc. Here's a full list of all the lip balms I own and my thoughts on them.


Eat your garlic bread and have clean breath too. You deserve it. But seriously, later in the semester (read: exam block) you'll probably forget to shower and/or lose all cleanliness you once possessed. Keep gum on hand.


All nighters, excess amounts of coffee, raucous fellow students, ridiculous amounts of stress; it can all amount to some serious headaches. Keep some painkillers on hand, and remember you can take both paracetamol and ibuprofen.


I mean, duh. It's handy to keep a smaller wallet with card slots, though. It means you have easy access to your bus pass, ID etc. And it's easier to carry around on a night out.


Just a small roll-on one is all you need, and ensures you don't walk around smelly when you pull an all-nighter and deliriously forget to put on deodorant and perfume before heading to class.


Sometimes you end up with a three-hour break in between class and you just can't absorb any more information and need some light entertainment. A small, easily-digestible book is good to have on hand.


The thing I always forget. I just got a new prescription, but I threw in a pair of my old glasses so I have them if I forget my new ones. Now I just need to remember to actually put them on. While mine are prescription, it's not a bad idea to get some blue-lens glasses to wear while you're on your laptop.

What I'd Add:

Keep Cup:

I didn't bring one today because I drank my coffee at home (and I told myself not to buy any on campus- and succeeded) and I need a new one because mine leaks. But once I buy a new one it's definitely going to be a staple in my bag. Not only do coffee shops usually give you a discount for bringing your own cup, but it's better for the environment.


I'll need these later on, when I start working on assignments and making serious notes. Always always have backups. I've been in the situation where I've lost all my work before. It's not fun. Put your notes and assignments on Google Drive and keep copies on USBs. Please.


I wouldn't use these right now, but later in the semester when I'm printing off notes I'll definitely throw in some.

Face Wipes:

Face wipes definitely aren't my preferred method of taking off makeup or cleansing my face, but I throw them in my bag so I can take any makeup off if I go to gym after class. I just cleanse properly once I get home.


A small roll-on one is probably the most convenient. Sometimes uni days are loooong. And hot. Don't be the smelly kid in class. It's hard to make friends.


Yeah, no one likes sniffling in class. I used up the packet I had in my handbag and forgot to put some in my bag this morning, but I'll definitely be throwing a small packet of tissues into my bag for tomorrow.

Let me know if there's anything you put in your uni bag that I don't. A girls' always got room for more.

xo Dominique


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