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Things You Can Do Instead Of Studying

While it's important to catch up on your study and get your assignments done, it's also important to take a break and take care of yourself. Enjoy your break from uni by taking a few days, or just a few hours, off to relax and refresh. If you don't take a break this holidays you risk burning out before exam block. Here are ten things you can do instead of studying before we go back to uni.

1. Pamper Yourself

Stay in and pamper yourself with face masks (Sephora has some good ones for a decent price), or take a long bath. Looking after yourself on the outside will make you feel better on the inside.

2. Read A Book

Reading a book, it's on the long list of things students never feel they have time to do. So take our remaining week off as an opportunity to sit down and step into someone else's shoes for a bit. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you have to read something intellectual, either. Harry Potter is always good no matter how many times you've read it.

3. Journal Writing

It sounds cheesy but reflecting back on the first half of semester will help clear your mind for the second half. If writing an entire journal entry is daunting, try your hand at bullet-journaling or create your own system. If you're more of a creative mind, try looking up writing prompts on the internet and tackling a few.

4. Make a Playlist of your Favourite Songs

Taking time to listen to music in general is always worth your time. Take an hour or two to sit down and put together a playlist of your favourite songs, so you don't have to look them up or go searching through multiple playlists to find them.

5. Make a Folder of Dog or Cat Pictures on Instagram for When You're Stressed

The Instagram 'save' function is a game changer. Create a folder for pictures of cats or dogs that you can look at when you're sad, stressed, or just need a little pick-me-up.

6. Go See A Movie Or Binge Netflix

Take advantage of student prices while you can, and go see a movie these holidays. If you're not looking to leave the house, binge watch Netflix instead. For some good student-related content, check out our recommendations for student-related TV shows.

7. Have A Picnic In The Park

Make use of having a full day off uni at your disposal and head out with your friends for a picnic in the park. We recommend going into the city on a Wednesday and heading to the markets for food then to the Botanic Gardens, or to the New Farm Markets on a Saturday then into the park.

8. Have A Beach Day

Another full-day activity you have time for these holidays is a beach day. We recommend heading to the Sunshine Coast and spending the morning at one of their beaches, then driving to Maleny and visiting their cafes and op shops and enjoying the scenic drive. While heading to the Gold Coast is probably a bit of a risk at the moment, one of the best beach walks is from Burleigh to Palm Beach.

9. Go For A Bush Walk

Get out into nature by going on a bush walk. While you're at it, make your Insta feed truly 'lit' by snapping a photo of you in all your athletic glory. We recommend Mount Glorious, Mount Nebo or Enoggera Reservoir.

10. Exercise

Exercise doesn't always mean going to the gym and getting on the treadmill, though if you've read our study tips you'll know that it's important to exercise regularly in some form. If climbing a mountain is too daunting, take baby steps by trying an exercise class you haven't tried before, looking up a quick yoga or pilates tutorial on YouTube, or even just stretching in your living room.


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