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The Staple Outfit

HAIM t-shirt | ASOS jeans | H&M cardigan

This is pretty much my staple outfit. I love a good t-shirt and jeans combo, and in the past few months I've developed a small obsession with music merch. I like repping musicians that I listen to, it adds something extra to an outfit and I think it's more fun than wearing some random design. I spent most of my teenage years obsessing over Harper and Harley's outfits so I tend to gravitate towards black and white; there's nothing better than an all-black outfit in my books.

I've had a love-hate relationship with jeans my entire life. I'm a short gal. Finding jeans that fit me can be hard, but ASOS' petite section has my back.

My cardigan is from H&M, and is this sleepy, stressed uni student's best friend. It's like taking your dressing gown to class, but in an acceptable way. I'd been looking for a white one for ages (mostly because Manon on Skam France had one and I needed one too) and almost spent a ridiculous amount of money on one online, but then I was browsing H&M after class one day and there it was. H&M is actually my favourite place to shop for warm clothes like jumpers and cardigans, most of mine are from there.

Until next week,

xo Dominique


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