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Five Of The Best Study Spots In Brisbane

We're in week six of the semester, and the midsemester assessments are starting. Also I'm sick of my house. Arguably my bed isn't the best place to study anyway, and sometimes it's impossible to get any work done at home because of the readily available distractions. So where do you go when you don't want to go to campus? Here are some of my favourite study spots in Brisbane.

1. State Library

It's an obvious one, but libraries are great places to study. They're generally quiet, have internet access and resources aplenty.

2. Your Closest Cafe

Cafes are generally quiet and have two of the things students love the most; avocado on toast and coffee. I recommend Starbucks, purely because of the free wifi with your drink. But if you can find a local cafe with internet and decent coffee, set up camp there.

The rest of my options don't have internet unless you're willing to hotspot. I find sometimes not having access to internet is perfect, though, because it forces me to go without the pesky distractions.

3. Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are a great place to study and/or just relax. They're close to campus if you want to study after class, but don't have the same uptight academic feeling. You can sit by the river, amongst the garden, or make like Rory Gilmore and find yourself a tree.

4. Mt Coot-tha

It's a favourite spot for dates at night, but during the day this scenic spot is perfect for getting some study done. With a view like that, it's also a great place for any studying requiring a bit of creativity.

5. New Farm Park

New Farm Park is the classic picnic spot, but it's also a great place to study. And hey, if the study goes terribly at least you can have a drink.


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