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September Journal: My First Month On Exchange

So I'm in my second month of exchange now, drowning in midterms but still having the best time. While on exchange, I thought it would be a good idea to do a kind of monthly journal, complete with the highs and lows I've experienced.

I made friends. Which was honestly my biggest concern.

One of the best parts of my experience so far has been the new writing opportunities. Since being here, I've been able to get involved with the university newspaper as well as a chapter of Her Campus, a larger media platform that I've read for years. To say that's been exciting is possibly one of the biggest understatements I've ever made. I've even taken on a copy editor role for HC, and it's made me realise that's definitely one of my favourite aspects of journalism. Though writing my own content is still number one.

One of my favourite days was spent in Toronto, wandering around before watching a baseball game. Baseball's quickly become one of my favourite sports. It's like cricket, but more exciting. Though I think my loyalty belongs to the Red Sox over the Blue Jays.

One of the best parts of university here is how much free stuff there is. Free Sunday movies, trivia twice a week, free entry to sports games. And so much free food. It's insane. I will forever be ruined for Australian university now.

I've really enjoyed exploring Guelph, though I've definitely got way more to explore. It's a cool little town with it's own unique vibe. Definitely worth it's own article. Though fall has only really just started in the past couple of weeks, it's already my absolute favourite season. My mum is amazed at how much time I spend outside here. It's amazing how much more appealing nature is when you don't have to worry about snakes.

I dealt with a clogged toilet for the first time in my life, which was fun and definitely didn't result in me texting my mother that I needed to come home immediately.

I've been sick approximately twelve times due to the cold. Oh, I forgot to mention; I have allergies here. Different flowers equals different pollen, I guess?

I've also ripped two pairs of jeans since being here. Being the poor exchange student I am, I went straight to Walmart and bought a mini sewing kit to repair them.

Honestly, I just want a party pie. And some chicken salt. I found McCain's smiles in Walmart and they did not live up to my childhood memories. I was pretty devo about it. I also found a can of baked beans in Walmart but I haven't been game to try them yet.

Class has been both a high and a low, so I wasn't sure how to categorise it. Some of my classes are super interesting, but I've honestly struggled with how different some of the teaching styles are. One of my professors provides absolutely nothing online, and expects you to learn purely from his talking. As a visual learner, that's been pretty hard. Especially when you expect me to know how an Ancient Greek word is spelt purely from hearing it.

You know what I do like, though? The fact that I can hand an assignment in a day late and only lose 1%. Instant fail, you have not been missed. I haven't even capitalised on this, but it's just nice to have that safety net.

xo Dominique


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