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My Favourite Face Masks

I'm a face mask junkie. I tend to lean towards hydrating masks the most, but I do use other treatment masks sparingly. I've tried many of them, and with the uni semester starting soon I'm going to need all the help I can get to stop the stress from wreaking havoc on my skin. Without further ado, here's my top five face masks.

Go-To Transformazing:

I've raved about this mask before. I've truly never seen such a good result from a mask straight away. My skin looked glowy, hydrated and plump after using this mask. This mask is designed to be used to prep your skin, so in my opinion is a special-occasion mask. Maybe that's just because I'm lazy in the morning. I have a few of these sitting in my bathroom, and they'll definitely be my pick to prep my skin for any uni balls or other events this year.


I've tried two of their sheet masks and have one still waiting for me to try. I also want to get my hands on their eye masks. Basically, Patchology is one of my favourite mask brands. I'm totally in love with the two masks I've tried. Their 'The Good Fight' mask is the only treatment sheet mask I use regularly, but their 'Get Dewy With It' mask is my favourite. 'The Good Fight' treats my skin but doesn't have the side-effects of redness, dryness or tightness that other treatment masks do. 'Get Dewy With It' leaves my face glowy and hydrated, and I save the leftover serum and use it on its own because it's that good. These masks are affordable too, at only a dollar or so more expensive than the Sephora Collection ones.

Frank Body Glow Mask:

This is probably my most used mask and absolutely one of my favourites. I'm all about hydration and glow, and this mask does a damn good job of achieving both. I tend to leave it on longer than recommended, and sometimes just put it on in place of my normal moisturiser and leave it on overnight. I find this mask needs the aid of a damp face cloth to remove it, because simply rinsing it off with water leaves the skin feeling too greasy. This mask leaves my skin soft and glowy, and at just over $20 is an affordable dupe for hyped-up products like the Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask (you can read my review of that mask here).

Fresh Rose Face Mask:

So I'll admit I'm not sure that this mask yields massive results. But it certainly doesn't do any harm. Rose is one of my favourite skincare ingredients. I apply rosewater to my face everyday as a toner, and while I'm not sure this mask does the best job at hydrating my skin I do think it does a good job at toning my skin. I feel like my skin looks brighter and more even when I use this mask. Paired with the Frank Body Glow Mask and a thick night cream, my skin feels and looks damn good the next day.

Tarte 911 Pack Your Bags Undereye Rescue Masks:

These are my absolute favourite under-eye masks. I prefer gel undereye masks to cloth ones because they do a better job of depuffing. I find that my undereyes look brighter and less puffy after I use these, and any makeup I put on sits better too. I mentioned before that I'm pretty lazy in the morning, but if I do anything extra in the morning to my skin I find an eye mask easy to work into my routine because I can walk downstairs and eat my breakfast with them on. I'm all about multi-tasking. And croissants, but that's a topic for another day.

Let me know your favourite masks!

xo Dominique


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