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How To Picnic Like A Pro In Brisbane

@Botanica how would I go about getting a lifetime supply of broccoli salad

So there's eating in a cafe, sure. You know what I think is even better? A picnic. There are plenty of spots to picnic in Brisbane, but in my opinion the two best options are New Farm Park and the Botanic Gardens. Here are a few suggestions for where to get goodies for both locations.

New Farm Park:

Powerhouse Markets:

These are the best markets in Brisbane. Hands down. It's a combination of the stalls and the venue. On one side you've got New Farm Park, on the other you've got a dog park. It's literal heaven. They're only open on Sundays, but that's honestly the optimal day for a picnic. There's fresh produce, an array of baked goods, and more. You can even get ready-made picnic boxes from some of the stalls. Once you've got your food, park yourself near the roses or down by the water. There's even more good news, because New Farm Park is licensed, so you can make it a boozy one.


I honestly don't know how broccoli salad had such an impact on me. It truly baffles me. But Botanica's broccoli salad is so damn good. This is a grab-and-go kind of place, which is perfect for picnics. There are a few stores in Brisbane, but the Tenerife store is close enough to the aforementioned New Farm Park for you to grab some on your way there. If you're picnicking on a Sunday and going to the Powerhouse Markets, I'd honestly still recommend going here for the salads.

Botanic Gardens:

Brisbane City Markets:

The markets in Reddacliff Place happen every Wednesday, and are run by a different company than the Powerhouse Markets but are still a great place to pick up some picnic goodies. My biggest tip is to avoid the lunch rush at all costs. Go earlier if you can. Like Powerhouse Markets, they have baked goods, fresh produce and everything else you might want for the perfect picnic spread.

Noosa Chocolate Factory:

I lose all self-control when I step inside this place. I literally bought a bucket of their chocolates a week or two ago. You can find pretty much any kind of chocolate here. Pretty much every kind of nut is covered in white, milk or dark chocolate. My top recommendations are the dark chocolate covered freeze-dried strawberries and the mango macadamia nuts. For something ultra-indulgent, grab one of their rocky road hot chocolates. Or any of their hot chocolates, really, because they're the best in the city.

Le Bon Choix:

Baked goods; a staple of a good picnic. Le Bon Choix are one of the nicest bakeries in the city, and have a huge range of options. You can grab danishes or tarts, croissants or plain bread, but my biggest recommendation would be their mini cakes. My favourite is the Claudine and the mere mention of it makes my mouth water.

Bagel Boys:

Most of the time you can find The Bagel Boys at the city market on Wednesdays, but they do have their own stores elsewhere in the CBD. If you're looking to picnic on another day, I'd still recommend grabbing some bagels in-store.

Myer Centre:

If you're looking for some healthier options, Sumo Salad and Vege Rama in the Myer Centre food court both have decent salads for a quick picnic option.

Some restaurants also offer ready-made picnic baskets, here's a list of some suggestions.

Happy picnicking! Wear SPF.

xo Dominique


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