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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Face Mask

A face mask is one of my top ways to relax and pamper myself, and through experience (and a little research) I've found there's a few things you can do to optimise your face mask. Because we all just want to get the most bang for our buck, right?

1. Exfoliate Beforehand

This will help the product absorb by removing the dead skin cells and cleaning out your pores. I'd recommend a chemical exfoliant for a more even job.

2. Don’t Leave Your Sheet Mask On Too Long

If you leave a sheet mask on for too long it can start taking moisture out of your skin. Crazy, right? But easy to avoid. Just check the directions on your mask and don't be tempted to leave it on for longer.

3. Use A Roller

Using a roller helps to reduce puffiness and increase circulation, but it can also help to evenly distribute sheet mask serum and help massage said serum into your skin.

4. Save the serum

A sheet mask has a pretty ridiculous amount of serum on it. Depending on the product, sometimes there's a huge amount of serum left in the packet once you take the sheet mask out. It seems like a serious waste to just throw that away. Because of my sample habit (I love you Mecca), I have quite a few empty sample jars in my bathroom. Every time I use a sheet mask, I use one of these to save the remaining serum. Am I a genius? Am I just a broke uni student? You decide.

5. Use a moisturising mask as a sleeping mask

Did I just tell you not to leave your sheet masks on for longer than recommended? Yes. But that was sheet masks. Now we're talking moisturising masks.

The key with this tip is to check the ingredients. Some masks, like Frank Body's Glow Mask, can essentially double as a very intense moisturiser. Mix in some Weleda Skin Food and you have my perfect moisturiser concoction.

Xo Dominique


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