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Current Skincare Favourites

All this research into skincare ingredients and trialling of new products has left me in a bit of a rut with products. A lot of my old 'holy grail' products are no longer things I'd use. So here are my current favourites instead. I've been dealing with a huge hormonal breakout, and some of these products have been absolute life-savers when dealing with that.

1. Aesop Control

This product is my lord and saviour. While traditional drying lotions just dry out the top layer of skin, I find this product does a better job at reducing pimple size without leaving a dry patch behind.

2. Go-To Zincredible

SPF is probably the most important part of my skincare routine. Scratch that, it definitely is. This physical sunscreen is the best I've tried; it's a triple threat of moisturiser, sunscreen and primer. It doesn't leave a white cast on my skin and is nourishing without being greasy.

3. Lucas' Papaw Ointment

I wrote about my love for Papaw Ointment in my recent post about skincare ingredients I look out for. I've been using it lately to protect my healing hormonal breakouts (they've been giving me serious hell). It's kind of annoying to have on your face because of its tendency to stick to everything (hair, pillows, etc etc), but I swear I see such a difference when I use it.

4. The Ordinary Rosehip Oil

I'm a big fan of oil blends, but applying just rosehip oil on its own was a game changer. My breakouts cleared up without leaving scars and my skin was glowy. When I used Aesop control followed by this then applied papaw ointment, I saw a major difference in my skin.

5. Weleda Skin Food

This has become something of a cult product, and I'm on board the bandwagon. I use it constantly. I use it in the morning to prime my face before makeup, and I mix it in with my moisturiser at night. It's versatile and perfect for injecting a little extra nourishment into your routine. I know they just launched a few new spin-off Skin Food products, and I want to get my hands on them so badly.

xo Dominique


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