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A Local's Guide To Brunch In Brisbane

Leaving Brisbane has made me think about what I'll miss about the city. Honestly, I love Brisbane. It sometimes feels too small, but it's got pretty much everything I could want otherwise (except maybe a journalism job). One of the main things people praise Brisbane for is our cafe culture. We know good food.

At first I wasn't going to write this because there's just so many cafes in Brisbane. I know I'm going to get messages from friends asking "but what about [insert cafe name here]?" So, friends, if you don't see your favourite cafe here I either haven't been or it just didn't stand out to me.

1. Little Loco

I think about the Huevos Rancheros probably once a week. It's that good. I literally made my friend go with me yesterday so I could have it one last time before I leave. 10/10 would recommend. I've tried other items on their menu and can confirm they are also good. I have very fond memories of their breakfast bowl from around two menus ago, my mum loves their pavlova waffles and my sister swears by their mushrooms.

2. The Corner Store Cafe

This has been one of my favourite places for years. I found photos of me eating at Corner Store Cafe from 2015. They change their menu frequently, and every time I go I end up sitting there choosing between at least three items that all sound so damn good. I'm gonna be very bold here, and say that they have the best avocado on toast in Brisbane. I said what I said.

3. Sassafras

I've been told for years to check out this place. It's just my luck that I finally do, and subsequently fall in love with the place, a few weeks before I leave the country. I had the soul bowl, and it was delicious. Everything in their cabinet looked amazing, too. If their food was good, the service was better. Their staff were great and honestly if the food was just average I would probably still go back. Trust me, though, the food was good. So good I tried to recreate it at home because I wanted it again.

4. Brew

I went through a phase of only putting food on my story and not on my feed because the entire internet was shaming people for their food pics. I regret that, because now I don't have any photos up on my account from Brew to show you. Moral of the story: take pics of whatever the hell you want. Remembering what you had that you liked at a certain cafe is the biggest help on a weekend morning when you want to go to brunch but are overwhelmed by the choices.

Anyway, the food. Brew is pretty much a Brisbane landmark at this point. I've never really heard a bad word about this place. It's as central as you can get location wise, because it's literally smack bang in the middle of the city. Somehow, it's not gross and touristy as a result. The food is always good, and the hot chocolate is up there on my list of the best in Brisbane.

5. My Mistress

This cafe is very close to a certain place that I frequented for five years on a regular basis, and I wish it had been open back then. We had to trek down to Racecourse Road for our cafe fix back then. These guys are high on my list of the best avocado on toast in Brisbane. They're one of the few cafes where I could honestly eat anything on their menu and be happy.

This cafe also has one of my favourite interiors. I'm a sucker for that industrial look. So if you're looking for insta photo ops, here you go.

6. Felix For Goodness

This cafe is across from Brew in the city laneway, and for a long time was quietly serving up some of the best food in the city without anyone really knowing. I do tend to lean more towards their lunch options when I brunch here, because these guys really know their salad. Like pretty much only Botanica does salad better. Also, their glass wall is just one of the prettiest things ever.

7. Sol Bakery & Cafe

This is literally the oldest photo on my instagram because as soon as I tasted this I wanted to make a food account.

Sol is all about the bread. Which makes sense, considering they started out as a bakery. Their products have been a staple of the Brisbane markets for years, and their cafes offer delicious and unpretentious food. They're particularly great for anyone looking for vegetarian or non-dairy options, but have something for everyone.

xo Dominique


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