Skincare and Beauty Products I Tried In April

May 9, 2019


What can I say, Priceline had a sale. 




Good Medicine Lab Rain Replenishing Oil Cleanser:


My one big concern about using a liquid oil cleanser was the mess, but this wasn't as messy as I thought it would be. I had super great results with my skin for three weeks, probably the best skin I've ever had. But then when I got my period I had the worst break out I've ever had. It's cleared up faster than usual, though. I'm going to keep using it, and I'll see if it happens again. This doesn't come off as easily as other oil based cleansers, but I double cleanse so this isn't a huge issue for me. 


Lip Balm:


Moo Goo tinted:


The tint in this isn't super red, it's a very very sheer wash of red. But I love it. I'm very in love with this brand and definitely want to try more of their products.


Moo Goo SPF 15:


PHYSICAL SPF. In a lip balm! Everything I've ever wanted. The only downside to this product is that you can't just swipe it onto your lips and go, I find you need to take a few seconds to rub it in. That being said, a few seconds is nothing. 


Go-To Pinkey-Nudey LIPS!:


MORE PHYSICAL SPF! And it's tinted! I feel like I hit the jackpot when it comes to lip balms this month. 


Luma The Balm Multi-Purpose:


I picked this up during the Priceline sale because it was such a ridiculously good deal, and I've been surprised by how much I love it. I use this a lot, it has a really nice consistency even though it's a bit hard to get out of the package sometimes (especially in this colder weather!).


P'URE Papaya Ointment with Calendula:


I got this in the Priceline gift box as part of their sale, and boy do I love it. This has really good ingredients, it's like my favourite lip balm meets papaw ointment. It's packed full of nourishing ingredients like shea butter, macadamia oil, jojoba oil as well as the all-important papaya fruit extract. I will definitely purchase it once I've finished it up. 




Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield:


I know I reviewed this a while ago but I revisited it this past month and it's great for no makeup days. My normal ride-or-die sunscreen, Go-To Zincredible is a bit too sticky for that because it's designed to be worn under makeup. 




Luma Tinted Beauty Balm in Light:


I've been wearing this every time I wear makeup and I really like it. It melts nicely into your skin and evens everything out. very light coverage. A bit hard to unwrap the packaging.


Luma Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer:


Bit too bronze. Would be nicer under a medium to high coverage foundation, so I'll give it a go for events. 




Babylon Grey:


I was lucky enough to be sent two of Babylon Grey's 'celebration' soaps through an Instagram giveaway, and I'm a really big fan. I've only made it about halfway through one of the soaps, but I'd definitely consider purchasing some more once I've used them up. I've been super lazy with moisturising lately (I just forget!) and even in this colder weather I haven't seen much of a negative difference because of that. I put it down to this soap, honestly. It's crammed full of nourishing ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and shea butter; and doesn't contain any of the nasty ingredients that a lot of other body products do. Also, my grandma stayed with me a couple of weeks ago and thought I had really nice soap. And that's pretty much the highest praise a soap can get. 


Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb:


Lush' AvoBath is still my all-time favourite bath bomb, but this one was pretty decent. It didn't feel terribly nourishing, but it was still a pink shimmery bath and that's always fun. 


Essie Nail Polish in Vanity Fairest:


This peeled quite weirdly. It peeled at my cuticles pretty quickly, and then I had a little bit of chipping on one or two nails a few days later. I ended up taking it off because of the weird peeling. That being said, it didn't do that on my toes and has held up very well there.


Essie Nail Polish in A List:


This polish didn't peel like Vanity Fairest and chipped in a normal amount of time. I think with a clear top coat it would've been quite long-lasting. 



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