Skincare and Beauty Products I Tried In March

March 28, 2019

It's that time of the month again; time for me to tell you my thoughts on all the products I've tried. I didn't try an extravagant amount of product this month, but here's my feedback on everything I tried  and whether I'd repurchase it or, in the case of samples, buy the full size.




Frank Body Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil (sample):


I didn't love or hate this product. I don't think I'm a huge fan of liquid oil cleansers; I'm more a fan of oil cleansing balms. I think a sample size of liquid oil cleansers is even more inconvenient too. It's messy and there's not quite enough product for more than one cleanse. It's hard to judge if this product was good or bad for my skin because it was a stressful, PMS-y week for me when I tried this product out so I was inevitably going to get a breakout. I will say that this cleanser did weird things to my mascara. I was wearing my usual Hourglass Film Noir Mascara and it didn't fully come off; what did come off was in weird flakes. I planned on trying out a few cleansing balms, but unfortunately they all seem to contain phenoxyethanol. If you've read my ingredients I look out for post, you'd know I don't really want to put that on my face. I ordered an oil cleanser without any hideous ingredients in it and have been using that for about two days. I'll let you know my thoughts on it next month.


As for this Frank Body cleanser, I'm not going to say I wouldn't buy the full size. Now I know cleansing balms aren't really an option, this is a more desirable one. It does contain one ingredient I'm mildly concerned about, Di-PPG-2 Myreth-10 Adipate, because the process used to make that ingredient means it could contain another ingredient that's carcinogenic. But it also might not contain it, so I'm not ruling the product out completely.




Go-To Very Useful Face Cream:


Honestly, I don't have any huge feelings about this moisturiser either way. I don't have particular dry or dull skin, so there weren't any big improvements I needed to see from this. It definitely didn't have any bad effects on my skin. I mix this with Weleda Skin Food most nights, and I do love that combination. I'd most likely repurchase this.


Lip Balm:


Lanolips 101 Treatment in Strawberry:


BIG FAN. I picked this up because I wanted to give Lanolips another try after not loving their rose-gold balm. The consistency of this was much better and it's already at the top of my very long list of lip balms I own. I'm just itching to try their hand cream now.




Origins Clear Improvement Mask (sample):


I used to be a huge fan of Origins. I loved their Ginzing Moisturiser a few years back and I'm still a huge fan of their Drink Up Intensive Mask, but last month I tried their Nourishing Mask and wasn't overly sold on it. I wanted to try a few more of their products so picked up a sample of this mask to try. It was quite nice, but I'm not sure it produced amazing results and I'm not sure I'd purchase the full size just yet. I'd maybe grab another sample to test it out a bit, as I find with treatment masks like this you need to test them out a bit longer to see if they'll produce good results. I will say that I appreciate how easy this is to apply and clean off. Other similar masks I've tried have been so awfully messy and difficult to take off, so I did appreciate that.




Luma Lip & Cheek Tint in Signorita:


I love this product. I've been using it every time I put on makeup, and it's beautiful. A little bit goes a long way, and it leaves a perfect rosy flush on the cheeks. It's a staple in my makeup routine now.


Luma Illuminating Highlighter in Moonlit Ivory:


I used to have this TopShop cream highlighter in a pot that I thought was the prettiest highlighter I'd ever owned. Sadly, I can't get my hands on the new version of it in Australia. But this product might have replaced it in my heart. This product looks a little too white in the pot but once you put it on your skin it blends out into a lovely subtle highlight. I'm a big fan.


Anastasia Clear Brow Gel (sample):


This was nice and held my brow hairs in place really well, but I did find it made them a bit crunchy. I thought I wouldn't like the huge brush at first, but found that I really enjoyed that for application. I didn't love the way this came off when I used oil cleanser though, but that's not terribly important to me to be honest. I do prefer a tinted brow gel most days, but in combination with a little bit of brow pencil I quite like this.


Benefit Goof Proof Brown Pencil in 4.5 (sample):


After disliking the Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil, I didn't have high hopes for this product. But I really liked it. It didn't have the same overly-waxy consistency that the Brow Contour Pro Pencil had, and the shape of the product meant it was easy to apply the product in small, natural-looking strokes. In combination with the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel, I really liked this product. Would I purchase it over the Anastasia brow pencil? Hmm, maybe not.


Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment (sample):

Okay, so the packaging for this sample sucked. So bad. I'm not a huge fan of matte lipsticks anyway, though I will say this didn't feel terrible when I applied it to my lips. I didn't leave it on though, so I can't give any feedback on how it wears. I wasn't a huge fan of the colour of this either, but that's what happens when you get random samples with your online orders. I wouldn't buy the full-size of this product.


Stila Mascara:


So I loved this product the first few times I tried it. The brush is quite similar to Better Than Sex, and I found I had the same issue with this product. I preferred the formula of this more than Better Than Sex, but the brush meant that there was way too much product on there after about two uses. I also found the product dried out slightly and flaked off after a few uses. Would I buy the full-size? Probably not.


xo Dominique



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