Beauty Products I Tried In May

June 13, 2019

It was a bit of a quiet month for me when it comes to skincare, because I wanted to give my skin a break. That being said I did try out some makeup this month, with the aim to move towards clean beauty. I've realised that a lot of my current makeup (and a lot of the samples I've got sitting in my drawer) contain ingredients I don't want to use. I'm not just going to throw it all away, though, because honestly I'm a poor student who can't afford to do that. My plan is to use up what I've got and buy clean beauty products when I'm out. I tried out a few clean beauty products this month so without further ado here are my thoughts!




Kosas Tinted Oil (sample):


I took this product with me on a trip to Sydney, and my sample size of it leaked everywhere and was impossible to mix up. So that's a bit of a bummer, but the normal packaging is designed with all this in mind. I loved this when I first put in on, but I'm not sure about how it wore throughout the day. I expected it to be a product that would do that, though. I also knew it would be quite low-coverage, and was actually surprised by how much coverage it had. That being said, it's still definitely not a full-coverage product. It's also easy to put a bit too much of this on, and when that happens it's impossible to blend in. I'm on the fence about this product. I think I need to try it out a bit more, but I would consider purchasing it.


Juice Beauty Serum Foundation (sample):


I really liked this product. It requires a bit of shaking up too, because of the ingredients, and gives much more coverage than I expected it to. That being said, it's probably a bit too much coverage for my average day. I would definitely consider purchasing this though, because I do like to have a heavier-coverage foundation on hand. 




RMS un-cover up:


This is definitely a good skin day concealer. It's not a product you use to cover up your pimples, but I still think it does a good job at evening out skin tone and as an under-eye concealer. My only real gripe with this product is that in the more oily areas of my face it went a bit patchy throughout the day, but honestly that's fairly common with concealers for me.




Lush 'Groovy Kind of Love":


This was very pretty as always. It didn't feel terribly nourishing, though, and as always avobath is the number one.


Fernando's Fine Coffee Scrub in Menta Fresca:


I received this in a prize pack, and I don't have any issues with it. I just prefer Frank Body. This did a decent job at exfoliating my skin and the coconut oil made my skin feel nice and moisturised. I'm not much of a mint person, though, which I think affected my opinion. I'd be keen to try out other variations of the scrub; they have original and coconut. 


I'm currently trying to narrow down products to take with me on exchange, and trying to figure out what I need to buy here in Australia and on my travels. God forbid I run out of Go-To products while I'm away! I'll be sure to post about everything I'm taking, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


xo Dominique



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